Brrrrr – In Phoenix

It feels like Winter out today. The temperature is below 60ยบ and we’ve turned the heat on for the first time. I’m lazing around in layers and Charlie is laying near the the heat register.

The cold temperature sets off every nerve ending I have and it feels like pain. I haven’t posted in a bit because I’m having terrible pain attacks. l spent one whole day sleeping just to avoid the pain.

As for my family; at least they’ve had the decency to stay away. Yes, I miss my Mother but she too was a participant in the group that said, “under no circumstances could she ever forgive my nephews” and then turned around and couldn’t wait to be with them. If you have a principle or moral what reaction should you expect when you violate it?

On the good news side, Charlie has a group of friends that he loves to play with. It’s a site to see other dogs try to flip him when he’s 55 lbs and low to the ground. He’s also taken to sticking his whole head in a container of water and blowing bubbles.

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