Too Much Illness At Once

I’ve been very ill for quite some time now. Today is the first day I’ve been able to sit in my desk chair and update the Blog.

I won’t bore you with the details of what illness’s have moved through my body. The most critical condition right now is my back. For anyone that understands a little bit of back conditions,  L4 & L5 have crushed together with S1 wedged between them. Suffice to say the pain from my back is off the charts.

The weather here in AZ is beautiful and I try to get out to soak in some of the healing sun. If I do anything during a day it is going out to dinner. That is my biggest diversion and I enjoy the people enormously.

That’s it for now, the pain has gotten to bad to sit.

What a Week!

First: I’m going to be adding more pictures and video to the blog. You can expect to see a gallery of pictures and even video. If I can get some  low  wind days I’ll add video from my Drone.

Second: I’m going to start linking to my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Third: I’m going to change the look of the blog.

I had a very bad Pancreatic attack on Thursday. Evidently I was moaning so loud that an anonymous person called 911. A medic unit showed-up at the house. I had to get up, show them my DNR and tell them to leave. This was my worst fear come true and I was able to handle it. I wish the person who called 911 had just come over to check on me.

On Thursday, Jeff was  out shopping and Charlie need to go out. I took him and he dragged me down the stairs and into the street. By the time I got control of him I was hurt on  my left side. I went to the doctor and he ordered x-rays. Charlie had compressed the S-1 Nerve solidly between L-4 and L-5.

What a way to start the New Year.


Wedding Bells

Jeff and I will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary together on May 28th. We’ve decided to move the wedding-up a little so that some of our “Winter Visitor” friends can attend. We’re going to try and fit the dates in so our good friends Judge Brenda and her fabulous husband George can Marry and be part of the Wedding with us. Charlie (our spoiled Bassett Hound) will be working with a trainer so he can be our ring bearer. We have the possibility of a caterer. So much more to go. I’ll keep you updated here.

Today is a plus day. For finally making the announcement and Jeff getting me a new shower head. No longer do I feel like I’m being injected with one thousand needles; now it’s a nice soft shower and I have the pressure when I need it.

Your Humble groom – Howard

Brrrrr – In Phoenix

It feels like Winter out today. The temperature is below 60º and we’ve turned the heat on for the first time. I’m lazing around in layers and Charlie is laying near the the heat register.

The cold temperature sets off every nerve ending I have and it feels like pain. I haven’t posted in a bit because I’m having terrible pain attacks. l spent one whole day sleeping just to avoid the pain.

As for my family; at least they’ve had the decency to stay away. Yes, I miss my Mother but she too was a participant in the group that said, “under no circumstances could she ever forgive my nephews” and then turned around and couldn’t wait to be with them. If you have a principle or moral what reaction should you expect when you violate it?

On the good news side, Charlie has a group of friends that he loves to play with. It’s a site to see other dogs try to flip him when he’s 55 lbs and low to the ground. He’s also taken to sticking his whole head in a container of water and blowing bubbles.

Relaxing Day

I’m having a plus day. I’ve “borrowed” this system from my good friend Liz. A plus day means I’m doing the best I can and that given my limitations all is well. A minus day means the opposite of a plus day.

We were able to borrow a friends golf cart and I was able to make the rounds and visit with friends. I forgot to take video but will try and remember the next time. Charlie met his new friend Sam (an 11 month old Golden Retriever. They went in the dog park and had a great time playing. It was so much fun to watch! Sam would try and flip Charlie with his nose and Charlie fit perfectly underneath Sam and would just mess with him.

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