Too Much Illness At Once

I’ve been very ill for quite some time now. Today is the first day I’ve been able to sit in my desk chair and update the Blog.

I won’t bore you with the details of what illness’s have moved through my body. The most critical condition right now is my back. For anyone that understands a little bit of back conditions,  L4 & L5 have crushed together with S1 wedged between them. Suffice to say the pain from my back is off the charts.

The weather here in AZ is beautiful and I try to get out to soak in some of the healing sun. If I do anything during a day it is going out to dinner. That is my biggest diversion and I enjoy the people enormously.

That’s it for now, the pain has gotten to bad to sit.

What a Week!

First: I’m going to be adding more pictures and video to the blog. You can expect to see a gallery of pictures and even video. If I can get some  low  wind days I’ll add video from my Drone.

Second: I’m going to start linking to my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Third: I’m going to change the look of the blog.

I had a very bad Pancreatic attack on Thursday. Evidently I was moaning so loud that an anonymous person called 911. A medic unit showed-up at the house. I had to get up, show them my DNR and tell them to leave. This was my worst fear come true and I was able to handle it. I wish the person who called 911 had just come over to check on me.

On Thursday, Jeff was  out shopping and Charlie need to go out. I took him and he dragged me down the stairs and into the street. By the time I got control of him I was hurt on  my left side. I went to the doctor and he ordered x-rays. Charlie had compressed the S-1 Nerve solidly between L-4 and L-5.

What a way to start the New Year.


Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year when we can either look back on the year that was  or look forward on the year to come. Looking forward the big events I’m looking forward to are: our wedding, an additional form of pain management, making this Blog look more “professional,” keeping my medical conditions under control, taking a honeymoon cruise with Jeff, always enjoying the love of my life Jeff, selling our previous home and, making some improvements to our home. That should keep me/us busy. I’m sure we’ll add or delete things but the bottom line is that I LOVE JEFF! There will never be a way to say how much I appreciate all that he was, is, and will be. Jeff is the rock that keeps me alive and going.

Wedding Bells

Jeff and I will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary together on May 28th. We’ve decided to move the wedding-up a little so that some of our “Winter Visitor” friends can attend. We’re going to try and fit the dates in so our good friends Judge Brenda and her fabulous husband George can Marry and be part of the Wedding with us. Charlie (our spoiled Bassett Hound) will be working with a trainer so he can be our ring bearer. We have the possibility of a caterer. So much more to go. I’ll keep you updated here.

Today is a plus day. For finally making the announcement and Jeff getting me a new shower head. No longer do I feel like I’m being injected with one thousand needles; now it’s a nice soft shower and I have the pressure when I need it.

Your Humble groom – Howard


It’s getting close to Christmas and New Years’ Day. My mood is down in the dumps. It seems that because we declined a dinner invitation to a family dinner that we’ve been excised from the family. My twin nephews deeply hurt their Mother and their Grandmother. All kind of negative statements were made about how deeply the family was hurt and that the family never wanted to see the twins again.

Lo and behold the twins showed-up just in time for the holidays. When we refused the dinner invitation because we held to our beliefs we were summarily removed from the whole family. So, Christmas will not be with family and they will have tried to make it an unhappy New Year.p

I’m terminally ill and will be going on Hospice in 2018. I wish my former family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Minus Day

Today is the anniversary of my Father’s passing. He would be appalled if he knew the state his family had formed.

I also received the final report on x-rays of my Lumbar Spine. In non technical terms, I have bone on bone between disc L5 and S1. This means that I have bone on bone between the last disc and the Sciatic nerve bundle. The reason I thought I broke my tailbone is because the condition is getting worse. Eventually I lose the ability to use my left leg. There is a surgical procedure that can try and fix it but because mine is bilateral (right to left) the chances of success are very low.

With that I say good night and hope for a better day tomorrow.

Getting Back to Normal Life

Sorry for being away so long. I’ve been really sick with everything hitting at once. I’m back on the road to “normal’ for me. Today is a plus day.

We’ve had a water leak at the house for about 2 weeks now. Yesterday it was fixed

water repair
Here’s what they had to do to repair the leak in the water system going to our house. They did a great job of restoring everything the way it was.

It’s amazing that the water lines aren’t that deep. I guess I’m still used to New York where all the lines were 3 feet deep. They also use PVC here – not copper. Hopefully we’ll have move away before the system gives way again.



As for me, the more pain that I have the less I want to live. Yesterday when everything was going wrong I wanted to kill myself. Instead, I did the write thing and got ahold of the doctor. It’s amazing that his advice worked. So, I’m still here struggling but doing the best I can. I treasure our friends – they know me well and don’t take any crap from me

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