I’m having a massive Pancreatitis attack today probably due to the stress from my family. This all happened because we refused a dinner invitation. My doctor gave me another pill and I’m fine now. We’re headed out to dinner with a group of friends. It should be fun.

We were thinking about getting a golf cart to make it easier for me to get around but now we have to payoff a phone that we asked to be returned. The golf cart will probably have to wait a couple of months – no biggie

Cloudy Days and the Rhythm is Easy

It’s cloudy here today with a little bit of a chill in the air (for me). I’m having  a plus day. I got to sleep-in an extra hour! Sleeping is difficult for me because the pain usually wakes me up. Jeff went to the airport to pick-up some friends so I have alone time to enjoy.

I’m feeling at peace with the world today. I’m also grateful for all the good people and things around me.

More later …

I Can’t Believe It!

All around me people have been ill with some kind of: cold, virus or plague. I’ve been proud of myself for avoiding it; until today. My joints hurt, throat sore, congested nose, etc. Today is a minus day. I will not miss Thanksgiving. My Sister-in-Law and my Nephew are coming for a visit. I will not miss them.

I’m taking it slow today and send my best to all  for a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Another Day Without Water

Talk about insanity, today makes day 7 where we’ve had a long period of time without water. As I’ve said before, the infrastructure here is crumbling. On Monday we reported that out water supply was leaking. It’s still leaking.

Today is a plus day. My Knees are feeling much better! I can’t express what a difference this makes in my life. I have a great deal of difficulty moving because of the problems in my back and Diabetic loss of feeling in my feet and legs. Today I’m able to move around a bit.

Charlie is having great fun with his new friend Sam (a 1 year old Golden Retriever). They chase each other in the dog park and love playing with each other. They both have learned to put their entire heads in a large container of water. They’re a real hoot. When Charlie comes home he’s completely exhausted.